About Intellinks East Africa

Intellinks East Africa is a value added Information Technology company supplying and implementing hardware and software that are complimented by the provision of associated support services and solutions. Since 2009, we have dealt with communication technologies with the aim to provide secure, effective as well as efficient solutions. We have always chosen to invest in the technical expertise of our team and in building relationships with innovative and reliable technological partners. Our speciality is in the design, implementation and management of critical business IT infrastructures for private and public businesses, hybrid partnerships and public clouds.

To secure users, devices, applications, remote employees, enterprise networks, critical infrastructures, and edges everywhere. We protect organizations from the most imminent cyber threats.

To deliver broad, truly, intergrated, high performance security across the ICT infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

Digital Innovator

Because we want to be a Digital Innovator. We are committed to becoming a reference point for our customers in the Digital Business Transformation process.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Because we take on any project with the aim of bringing added and measurable value through the application of cutting-edge technology solutions to improve productivity and effectiveness of productive and commercial processes.


Friendly Ecosystem

Because we have built an open ecosystem in collaboration with the most innovative providers of ICT products and services, a system that allows us to choose the best solutions for all requirements and business models.



Because all our solutions are designed to improve and simplify the business processes of any organization through the use of digital technology.