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You are a target. Information security is everyone's responsibility.

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A) About Intellinks East Africa

Intellinks East Africa is a value added Information Technology company supplying and implementing hardware and software that are complimented by the provision of associated support services and solutions.

B) Where is Intellinks East Africa located, and how can I contact Intellinks East Africa?

We are located at Vision Plaza, 5th Floor, Suite 18, along Mombasa Road. You can reach us out via +254202427834.
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Malware is malicious software. Once into a system, malware can cause harm or disruption or steal information. It can get into your system if a user clicks on a link or opens a malicious attachment in an email for example.

It depends on how critical that data is. If it's important that your data be accurate and available (to you or others), you should consider backing it up often. For example, you may want to back up critical project data at the end of each day or week. You can use backup and recovery software like Acronis Backup to automate the backup process and remove much of the effort involved in performing backups.

A backup is a copy of the data stored on a device. It's useful for restoring data if your device crashes or continuing work if your device is lost or stolen. When you back up your data, you create a copy of some or all of the files on your device and store them in a separate location (which is usually either on a flash drive, removable hard drive, or in the cloud). Some kinds of backups even store your device configurations. Backup and recovery software can automate the backup process by performing backups based on a set schedule. To restore data from a backup, you use either recovery software (to restore full backups of a device's data and configurations) or manually replace files with copies from the backup (usually to restore lost or corrupted files).