Microsoft moving from Open License Purchases to the Cloud Solution Provider program
  • Intellinks
  • 11 Apr 2022

Microsoft Moving From Open License Purchases To The Cloud Solution Provider Program

In September 2020, Microsoft announced changes to the Microsoft Open License program with the introduction of perpetual software licenses purchased through a new commercial experience. If you're a small or midsized customer, you can now buy software licenses from Microsoft partners like Intellinks East Africa that already participate in the Cloud Solution Provider Program. As a result, Microsoft ended purchases through the Open License Program on December 31st. , 2021. If your company has limited IT resources, Intellinks East Africa, as a Microsoft partner, can provide expertise and services and build unique solutions with the latest Microsoft offers and services.

Please note: There are currently no changes to the Open Value or Open Value Subscription programs.

Why do you need to buy Microsoft licenses from a Cloud Solution Provider partner?

Buying software licenses from partners like Intellinks East Africa provides you with a simple purchasing experience that supports moving to the cloud at your own pace. If you're evaluating cloud services and looking for value-added solutions, you can get guidance from trusted expert advisors.

A better experience

Instead of buying perpetual licenses through the Open License program, new purchases can be made either through us, or via the new Microsoft commerce experience. With the Microsoft Customer Agreement, your purchase agreement is presented, accepted, and stored through a completely digital experience.

What if I have an Open License Agreement?

Unfortunately, the Open License program purchases for Microsoft ended on December 31st, 2021, and therefore, you won't be able to buy or renew software licenses or online services through this program, even if the agreement is still active. Since January 1st, 2022, Microsoft has recommended working with Cloud Solution Provider program partners like Intellinks East Africa Limited to help you decide the best next steps. As a Microsoft partner, we can offer guidance and the flexibility needed to address your hybrid user needs with both software licenses and cloud offers.

Where do I get or renew Microsoft Software Assurance?

You can get software licenses with Software Assurance or renew them through the Open Value program. Open value offers are now available to commercial and government organizations, with inclusive offers for education and non-profit organizations also made available for your purchases.

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